Point of Use Water Purification Systems

Don't let impurities contaminate your sensitive experiments

Our water purification systems are engineered to remove impurities that threaten your research so you can focus on what's important—your next discovery.

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Popular point of use water purification systems

Barnstead™ GenPure™ xCAD Plus

Barnstead™ Pacific™ TII

Barnstead™ Pacific™ RO

For your most sensitive and critical lab applications. We offer a complete line of  Barnstead water purification systems for Type 1 ultrapure water.

The most widely used in general laboratory applications, such as reagent preparation, glassware rinsing, and feeding Type 1 systems. We offer a complete line of  Barnstead water purification systems for Type 2 pure water.

Recommended for supplying water to lab equipment such as water baths, dishwashers and autoclaves. Reverse Osmosis is the most economical method to remove up to 99% of impurities in feed water. The RO membrane is semi-permeable with a thin microporous surface that rejects dissolved materials including solids, organics, particles, and microorganisms. 

We offer solutions for single-step and pretreatment purification. Our cartridge and filter systems are excellent for use with humidification/environmental chambers, autoclaves, water baths, CO2 incubators, stills, ultrapure water systems, and for the elimination of corrosion and scaling when used with cooling loops for lasers and radar systems.

Effectively remove most inorganic solids, organics with a boiling point greater than water (100 °C), and bacteria and pyrogens with our broad range of water stills. Ranging in size from 1.4 to 38L/hr and available in tin or glass, our water still models offer fully automatic options or pretreatment options to minimize scaling.

Enhance the performance of your water system our accessories, consumables, cartridges and filter systems for point of use systems, including Type 1 ultrapure, Type 2 pure, and reverse osmosis.

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