Environmental Chambers

Protect your delicate samples

Your samples are delicate, often irreplaceable. You depend on consistent performance from your equipment throughout your work, from sample preparation to storage.

Thermo Scientific Forma Environmental Chambers feature proven technology for outstanding temperature uniformity and stability.

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Featured chambers for your application environments

Stability Chambers

Stability Chambers provide a controlled temperature and humidity environment. They are perfect for stability tests, e.g. in Pharma or packaging. Other applications include environmental testing or controlled storage.

Reach-in Chambers

Reach-in Chambers provide a controlled temperature environment. Choose from heat-only, for temperatures above ambient, or refrigerated for temperatures above and below ambient. Typical applications are microbiological incubation, or controlled storage. High volumes of samples can be incubated, tested or stored.

Vertical Light Chambers

Vertical Light Chambers are perfect for light stability testing, plant growth or animal hatching. The samples are exposed to the light from above, temperature or temperature + humidity can be controlled. Choose from various different light modules to address the specific application.

At-a-glance environmental chamber comparison


Stability Chambers


Reach-in Refrigerated Chambers

Vertical Light Chambers

DescriptionMeets compliance standards for ICH, FDA, TAPPI, ASTM or national testing standardsFocused on elevated temperature-only segments of drug stability and culture Focused on temperature-only segments of drug stability and incubationMeet ICH guidelines for photo stability testing Q1B

Simulate gradual transitions from day to night, suitable for plant and insect growth
Termperature Range0°C to 60°C5°C above
ambient to 60°C
0°C to 60°C10°C to 50°C
with light on
Above ambient
to 95% @ 37°C
NANANAAbove ambient
to 75% @ 30°C
29 / 82111 / 31129 / 82129 / 82129 / 82111 / 311
Order No.39403911396039203928 39423909

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The Thermo Scientific Directed Airflow System


The Thermo Scientific Directed Airflow System versus a top-to-bottom, undirected airflow design. The directed airflow minimizes the risk of product desiccation and loss, and wasted time and money due to poor temperature uniformity and recovery. The horizontal airflow of Thermo ensures great temperature uniformity and stability values - even with many samples on the shelves.

Temperature/humidity performance chart

The chart illustrates the maximum and minimum attainable humidity within the cabinet at a given set temperature under the following nominal conditions: refrigeration on, defrost off, no wet bulb recorder, no air exchange, set for 22.2°C (72°F) and 50% RH ambient. Optional heatless dryer is available for lower humidity levels.


 Effective temp. & humidity range
 Extended range with optional dryer
----- Maximum humidity
—— Mimum humidity
– –  Optional dryer

Valuable features included for flexibility

Thru-wall access ports

thru-wall access ports

Thru-wall access ports, located on the left sides of the chamber, make it possible to add probes, sensors, etc. without altering the cabinet. A Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Sensor is pictured above. For more information, visit thermofisher.com/wirelessmonitoring.

Note: the heat-only reach in chamber comes with two access ports, one on each side. Additional ports are available as options.

Interior Sockets


The reach in chambers with elevated temperature only (models 3960/3962) come standard with interior GFCI receptacle in the upper right corner of the rear wall. This permits the use of shakers, cell rollers, and other equipment inside the chamber, eliminating the inconvenience of an extra external power strip. 

The 120V model comes with duplex outlet, the 230V model with single outlet.

This feature is available as an orderable option for the stability and refrigerated reach in chambers.

Choose from a broad range of factory-installed options


 • Access ports
 • Additional options for humidity systems
 • Chart recorders
 • Shaker support systems
 • Shelving & more

Shelving Accessories

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Stability Chambers and ICH Guidelines: Choosing the Right Equipment for Pharmaceutical Stability Testing


In the pharmaceutical industry, stability testing helps provide evidence as to how the quality of a drug will vary with time under a variety of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and light exposure. This testing must be completed before a drug enters the market. Learn how to choose the right Stability Chamber to meet compliance standards.