Achieve precision and gain more control of environmental variables for your application

Control of light, humidity, air pressure and gas are important variables for you to control when conducting research and testing. Our portfolio of environmental chambers offers optimum uniformity and a wide temperature range designed for easy compliance with regulatory requirements, directed horizontal laminar airflow systems, and rugged construction for a long life.  

Environmental chambers are ideal for:
• Drug stability studies
• Shelf life testing for packaged products
• Controlled temperature storage
• Insect and other large-scale biological research

Popular products
Forma 3960 Series Environmental Chamber

Perform many clinical applications, including elevated temperature stability and shelf-life testing with these chambers. 

Available in NA only.

Perform a variety of applications with these environmental chambers. Configure for a variety of purposes and available in multiple capacities. 

Available in NA only.

Uniformity and an elevated temperature range for easy compliance with regulatory requirements.

Available in Europe only.

Customizable units to fit your application needs


Choose from a broad range of factory-installed options, including:

  • Access ports
  • Humidity systems (pictured left)
  • Chart recorders
  • Shaker support systems
  • Shelving & more!

Directed horizontal laminar airflow system

The Thermo Scientific directed airflow design (left) versus a top-to-bottom, undirected airflow design (right). The directed airflow minimizes the risk of product desiccation and loss, and wasted time and money due to poor temperature uniformity and recovery.


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