Multidrop Dispensers

Save time at the bench with fast, reliable Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers

Fill plates in seconds with excellent precision and reproducibility, helping you run tests faster and increase productivity. Compact Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers fit easily on the bench, and the intuitive user interface makes setup and programming a breeze. Multidrop reagent dispensers based on peristaltic pump dispensing technology utilize detachable autoclavable Multidrop cassettes for the dispensing of reagents, diluents, cells, and beads. 

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photo of multidrop combi

Multidrop Combi SMART

photo of multidrop combi nl

Multidrop Combi nL

Multidrop Pico 8

Multidrop Pico 1

User interface

On-board interface
FILLit PC software
On-board interface
FILLit PC software
PicoIT PC software PicoIT PC software


0.5-2500 µl 50 nl-50 µl 11 pL - 20 µl
1 nL - 200 µl
11 pL - 20 µl
1 nL - 200 µl

Plate formats

6-1536 well plates;
including 96-, 384 tubes in rack format
96-1536 well plates;
including 96-, 384 tubes in rack format 
12, 24, 48, 96, 384,1536 well plate 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 well plate

Plate height adjustment

Automatic Automatic Automatic Manual

Automation/robot compatible

Yes Yes Yes No
Available cassettes** Small tubing–plastic,
Small tubing–metal,
Standard tubing–plastic
N/A Standard tubing-plastic Standard tubing-plastic

Dispensing Technology

Peristaltic Pump Pressurized Valve System Non-contact digital dispensing

Non-contact digital dispensing


PC software included with the purchase

Yes Yes Yes Yes

*E.g., alpha screen beads, polystyrene beads, yttrium oxide beads, tetra ethylene glycol carboxylated beads (0.8 µm)

Multidrop Combi Cassettes

  Download specs
Download specs
  photo of multidrop 384

Multidrop 384
Cassettes ONLY
photo of Multidrop DW product

Multidrop DW
Cassettes ONLY

On-board interactive color touch screen

No No
User Interface 5-395 µl 20-995 µl

Plate formats

standard 96-, 384-well plates; including low profile 384 plates 96 standard and DW plates

Plate height adjustment

Fixed to 96- and 384-well plates Fixed to standard 96- and 96 DW plates

Cell dispensing

Yes Yes

Bead* dispensing

Yes Yes

Plate filling format

Rows, columns Rows, columns

Automation/robot compatible

Yes No

Available cassettes**

Standard tubing–plastic Standard tubing-plastic

Dispensing Technology

Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump

FiLLIt software included with purchase


*E.g., alpha screen beads, polystyrene beads, yttrium oxide beads, tetra ethylene glycol carboxylated beads (0.8 µm)
**Refer to Cassette Selection Guide for all available part numbers and configurations.

  Download Multidrop Combi Cassette Selection Guide ›

Software Solutions - Easy to use with ready to use protocols

Pico Software

An easy-to-use Multidrop PicoIT software platform with application-focused wizards and a highlighted loading guide allows effortless and quick plate set-up and operation. Available in 1-well and 8-well formats to support different throughputs and number of reagents and samples.


FILLit software 

Multidrop Combi and Multidrop Combi nL reagent dispensers come with dedicated Thermo Scientific FILLit PC software, which allows users to develop protocols that can be run directly from the PC or transferred into instrument memory.

FillIt Software

The FiLLIt Software is included free with the purchase of a MD Combi, MD Combi SMART2, or MD Combi nL.

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Speed Testing Processes and Improve Reproducibility

Whether you work in a QC lab, or just want to increase the number of samples you can prepare in less time than with a pipette, Multidrop dispensers offer a convenient solution. Watch all four videos in the series to learn how Multidrop dispensers can help you.

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Convenient, handy and ergonomic plate filling with the Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers

  • Accommodates microplates from 6 to 1536 wells and plate heights of 5 to 50mm
  • Precise dispensing over a 0.5 to 2500μL range
  • Full robotic compatibility gives increased throughput 

Multidrop Combi nL provides accurate, reliable low volume dispensing in the range of 50nL to 50µL

  • Dispenses volumes of 50nL -50μL into 96-, 384- and 1536-well
  • Fast dispensing and full robotic compatibility gives increased throughput
  • Program to fill specific rows, columns or even individual wells for increased flexibility