Microplate Readers

Consistent results, exceptional user experience across many applications.

Visualize results quickly and easily with fast plate reads and an intuitive suite of software. Experience a software suite and application options that evolve with your lab. Measure a variety of signals including fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, or time-resolved fluorescence on a Thermo Scientific microplate reader. From upgradable multimode systems to dedicated readers, we offer solutions that fit your current budget with options to meet your lab’s future needs.


Thermo Scientific plate readers have a number of features to help you save time and maximize productivity, such as self-diagnostics and auto-calibration, easy-to-use SkanIt PC software, and automation readiness with robot compatibility.

Easy to use for virtually any photometric research application

With an optional touch screen, The Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer is a UV/Vis microplate reader ideal for multi-user environments where a variety of assays are performed

Conserve your precious samples with µDrop plates

Measure small volumes of nucleic acid and protein samples with this option.

Select from over 2000 ELISA kits

Quickly and easily detect cytokines, proteins, and other markers with highly referenced ELISA kits.

Accurately measure DNA or RNA

From simple spectrophotometric measurements to highly sensitive fluoresent assays capable of distinguishing between DNA and RNA, we offer a full suite of assays and microplate readers.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.