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The desired electrode features and the compatibility of the electrode with the sample are all determining factors in selecting the right pH electrode. The following section provides the information needed to select the best pH electrode for your applications. The pH electrodes are available with a glass or epoxy body and a variety of electrode body styles, fill types, references, junctions, and connectors. To learn more, see our pH electrodes separated by category and application below.

ROSS electrode


  • Fast, accurate and reproducible
  • Unmatched response to temperature variations
  • Double junction reference
  • ROSS Ultra electrodes have an industry best warranty

Orion Triode electrode


  • Combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor in one electrode
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific Orion pH meters and other brands

Orion SureFlow electrode


  • Free-flowing liquid-to-liquid junction avoids clogging
  • Compatible with samples containing organic compounds, proteins, heavy metals, and compounds that react with silver

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Browse pH electrodes by application

Regardless of how simple or complex your application, Thermo Scientific has an electrode that can meet your needs. Select from the applications below to view suggested electrodes from our extensive portfolio for each category.

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Knowledge Base: Certificates of Analysis and SDS for Orion, ROSS, AQUAfast, AquaMate, and AquaSensors products.

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