If you’re doing manual titration, it’s time to switch gears

Manual titrations are time consuming and can be inaccurate at times due to human error. Not to mention, important data can get easily lost due to improper tracking methods. The Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 series automated titrators are designed to make performing titrations easier, more reliable and more reproducible than manual titrations. These automated titrators expand the number of ions and compounds that can be measured beyond direct electrode analysis and offer dynamic process controls that adjust the titration to optimize analysis results.

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Durable titrators with a rugged design


Use the Orion Star T910 pH titrator for dedicated acid-base titrations, including titratable acidity of juices, wines and food products, alkalinity of waters, acidity of alkalinity of consumer products, total acid number (TAN) and total base number (TBN).

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Use the Orion Star T920 redox titrator for dedicated redox titrations including sulfite/SO2 and reducing sugar in juice and wine, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and peroxide value in food products, dissolved oxygen in wastewater by Winkler titration and organic matter in soil. Titration techniques include equivalence point titrations and preset mV endpoint titrations for versatile sample analysis. Pair the titrator option with any of our premium Orion redox electrodes or select our preconfigured titrator and electrode kit for a bundled discount.

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now and see just how much time you can save with our pH Titrator in your lab.

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    Orion Star T900 Series Titrator Accessories

  • Enhance productivity for your titrator with our Orion titrator accessories
  • Designed to expand titrator functionality and minimize maintenance!

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Orion Star T900 Titrator Accessories

Orion Star Titrator Series Arriving Soon

Orion Star T930 Ion Titrator

  • Use the Orion Star T930 Ion Titrator for dedicated ion concentration titrations, including salt in food products, calcium in juice and milk, total hardness of drinking water and wastewater, and more.

Orion Star T940 all-in-One Titrator

  • Use the Orion Star T940 All-in-One Titrator for flexible pH, redox and ion concentration titrations including equivalence point titrations, preset pH or mV endpoint titrations plus multiple known addition (MKA) mode for automated known additions of various ions.

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Automate acid/base titrations for simple accuracy

Learn how you can increase your laboratory productivity with accuracy and easily reportable results. Our core electrochemistry technology has been integrated with a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system for simplified automation designed to make performing titration measurements easier, more reliable, and more reproducible than manual titrations. 

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Knowledge Base: Certificates of Analysis and SDS for Orion, ROSS, AQUAfast, AquaMate, and AquaSensors products.

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