Preparing your lab

Fulfill the requirements, forge ahead with discoveries.

The science is the same, but the requirements have changed. Be sure you have the tools you need to comply with updated USP <791> requirements.

Thermo Scientific Orion meter kits have what you need to follow the new USP <791> pH measurement methods and document your results.

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Orion pH meter kits for USP <791>

Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH Benchtop Meter Kit

Get the ultimate in versatility. Stunning, large color display provides slope and offset in calibration log. Perform up to a 6-point pH calibration, and customize interchangeable modules for future measurement requirements.

Orion Star™ A211 pH Benchtop Meter Kit

Backlit graphic screen displays the slope in the calibration log. Obtain offset value by exporting calibration log to a computer or printer, and perform up to a 5-point pH calibration.

Orion Star A321 pH Portable Meter Kit

Waterproof, IP67-rated housing for protection. Backlit graphic screen displays slope in the calibration log, and offset value obtainable by exporting calibration log to a computer or printer. Supports up to a 5-point calibration.