Speedvac accessories

Improve the functionality of Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ SpeedVac™ Concentrators with Savant SpeedVac concentrator accessories.


Image Catalog # Description Compatibility

SCC1: 1 Liter

SCC5: 5 Liters

CryoCool™ Heat Transfer Fluid   
  • Refrigerated Trap Models RVT100, RVT400, RVT405DDA, RVT5105
  • Universal Vacuum Source (UVS) Models UVS400, USV400A, UVS800DDA
SPO1-B Rotary Vane Vacuum Oil
  • VLP series pumps
  SFF1-B Vacuum pump flushing fluid  

Parts & Filters

Image Catalog # Description Compatibility
GCF400 Glass condensation flask 
  • For use with SPD1030 and SPD2030 SpeedVac™ Concentrators
  GF400 4L capacity wide mouth threaded flask
  • SPD300DDA
FC400 Flask cover for GCF400 flask
  • GCF400 flask
Various Tubing kits
  • UTP-TYG (universal tubing kit)
  • UTP-TEF 0.5 (SPD130)
  • UTP-TEF 0.75 (SPD140DDA)
  • TFK100 (UVS450/850)
  • TFK200 (UVS450/850)
  • VTK80 (single vacuum line to connect SPD300/SPD140 to vacuum pump)
  MF190 Mist filter replacement cartridge
  • VLP series pumps

Measurement & Storage

Image Catalog # Description Compatibility
DVG50-UNV Digital Vacuum Gauge  
CC120DX Deluxe cart  

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