SpeedVac kits

SpeedVac Kits for Every Lab

Thermo Scientific offers users a choice to purchase either an all in one fully integrated SpeedVac or to build a SpeedVac™ system to adapt for different solvents type and applications needs.

SpeedVac Selection Guide

Integrated SpeedVac kits

The fully integrated SpeedVac kits contain all components integrated into one compact system. Take the system out of the box, plug it in and it is ready operation.

Fully Integrated systems include the DNA130, SPD1030 and SPD2030 models.

Modular SpeedVac kits

For more aggressive high boiling solvents, use a modular system. Additionally, modular systems allow you the flexibility to replace the vacuum concentrator, add a secondary cold trap or use a different vacuum pump depending on the application needs.

Modular kits include:  SPD120, SPD130, SPD140, SPD210 and SPD300DDA.


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