Flexible Solvent Concentration using Modular Kits

Modular vacuum concentrators provide flexibility to expand to future needs and applications. For example, if you are currently using only aqueous solvents but foresee the need in the future to use aggressive solvents, a modular system that will allow you to use both types of solvents.

Additional features of the modular kits include preset programs by solvent types and the option to create and save customized protocols. Data is collected by the SpeedVac and can be exported via USB to your PC.

SpeedVac Selection Guide

Thermo Scientific Modular SpeedVac Kits

Solvent Extraction Systems Available

Solvent extraction from samples does not end after evaporation stage, one needs to safely recover the solvents to avoid the solvent released into the environment and prevent user to be exposed from harmful vapors. Thermo Scientific offers modular SpeedVac kits with both vapor trap and universal vacuum solvent extraction system options.

SpeedVac kits are available with both vapor trap and universal vacuum systems.

Thermo Scientific Refrigerated Vapor Traps

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Refrigerated Vapor Traps are reliable, easy to use, benchtop cold traps for solvent vapor condensation and collection. Mechanical refrigerated vapor traps replace dry ice/methanol traps, and are the simplest, most practical, and safest way to protect high-vacuum, rotary vane oil pumps in a vacuum system.

Thermo Scientific Universal Vacuum Systems

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Universal Vacuum Systems are multipurpose vacuum source and solvent recovery systems, combined in a single, integrated unit. The system includes a refrigerated vapor trap, and an oil-free vacuum pump.

Together, these elements form a low maintenance vacuum system that offers improved reliability over those based on oil-filled vacuum pumps, which require frequent maintenance and can easily be damaged by contaminating liquids.


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