Refrigerated vapor traps for condensation at low and ultra-low temperatures

Solvents are removed from samples during vacuum evaporation with a SpeedVac™ Concentrator and collected in the CFC-Free Refrigerated Vapor Trap. Solvent vapors condense in a glass condensation flask preventing the vapors from reaching the oil pump and causing degradation.

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Refrigerated Vapor Traps are available in two temperature ranges. The Savant RVT450 refrigerated vapor trap ranges from ambient temperature to -50°C and the Savant RVT5105 refrigerated vapor trap ranges from ambient temperature to -105°C.

Features of both models include:

  • Capacity of 4 liters
  • HCFC-Free Refrigerant System

The RVT5105 also features:

  • Brushed, Stainless Steel and Powder-Coated Steel Exterior Illuminated Temperature Graph with Endpoint Indication
  • Two 1/3 HP Compressors (lower Cold Trap to -105°C in less than 40 min.)
  • 4-liter, Stainless Steel Collector
  • Stainless Steel Drain Port (with corrosion-resistant, nylon valve)

Thermo Scientific Savant Refrigerated Vapor Traps


Refrigerated Vapor Trap:  RVT450

Ultra-low temp Refrigerated Vapor Trap: RVT5105

Weight71 lbs / 32kg150 lbs / 68kg
Dimensions14x24x12 in (35x31x60cm)  24x24x18.3 in (61x61x47cm)  
Solvent typesWater, non-aggressive organic solventsOrganic solvents, highly volatile solvents (methylene chloride, acetone, hexane, chloroform), acids, water, and both low and high boiling point solvents
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