Universal vacuum systems simplify evaporation

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Universal Vacuum Systems are multipurpose vacuum source and solvent recovery systems, combined in a single, integrated unit. The system includes a refrigerated vapor trap, and an oil-free vacuum pump.

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Universal Vacuum Systems are used with a SpeedVac™ vacuum concentrator, other vacuum-dependent equipment such as vacuum ovens or rotary evaporators. The vapor trapping efficiency and thermal capacity provides evaporation rates equivalent to or better than component systems relying on maintenance intensive rotary vane oil vacuum pumps. At the same time, the  Savant Universal Vacuum Systems are the most energy efficient and environmentally safe vacuum system available, providing complete recovery of evaporated solvents. The oil-free vacuum pump eliminates frequent maintenance required by oil-filled pumps, and is corrosion resistant for long life.

Thermo Scientific Savant Universal Vacuum Systems





Vacuum pump typeOil-free, 2 headedOil-free, 2 headedOil-free, 4 headed
DisplacementETFE diaphragmETFE diaphragmETFE / PFA diaphragm
Max vacuum<10 Torr<10 Torr<0.6 Torr
Chamber capacity4L4L4L
Operating temperature-50°C-50°C-50°C
Solvent recovery enhancementNAVaporNet*VaporNet*
Available options

*VaporNet™ technology represents a valve in the vacuum line and a control circuit for that valve. Modulating this valve causes molecules to remain in the cold trap for longer than would be achieved by a constant vacuum.


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