Pure lab water for you and your science

Dispense pure or ultrapure lab water with ease using a Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification System. Designed for simple operation and maintenance, Barnstead lab water systems eliminate slow and costly service contracts. Manufactured using the highest-grade materials and reliable technology, Barnstead systems incorporate more than 130 years of industry experience for dependability. Our flexible system configurations enable an excellent fit for labs of any size.

Barnstead Water Purification Systems capabilities

Find the right system for your needs

Easily determine what kind of system would work best for your applications and interest areas, now and in the future. 

Understanding lab water and systems

Explore our experts’ rich resources about everything from the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining lab water to fit your needs, to the different types of water necessary for your processes and applications.

Lab water purification technologies

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Systems offer the widest variety of lab water purification technologies such as deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis, filtration, ultrafiltration and UV oxidation.

Real-time monitoring

Innovations like real-time continuous monitoring of UV intensity shows the conductivity/resistivity values on the display. The continuous monitoring feature removes the risk of false TOC values due to diminished UV intensity.

Flexibility for the right fit in your lab

Every lab is unique, as are your water needs. Our systems and options make it simple to get a comprehensive solution that matches your needs.

Convenience of low maintenance

Our systems simplify routine maintenance, including easy, quick-change cartridge replacement to keep downtime to a minimum and keep you focused on your work.