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Configure your ideal lab water purification system with a selection of accessories for each model.

Replacement consumables

Replacement cartridges, filters, UV lamps and cleaning/sterilizing solutions are crucial to ensuring your lab water meets or exceeds your intended use. Protect your investment and maintain your purification system by monitoring cartridge life and replacing consumables for optimal purification performance.


Easy-to-install Barnstead cartridges

Easy to self-install cartridges are available for a variety of water purification systems are available. Depending on the system and model, cartridges may be required to ensure water type is achieved and maintained. For example, many Type 1 water systems come complete with required cartridges while other models may require different cartridges for specified performance. Optional cartridges are available for additional performance specifications based upon your lab’s water requirements. For our cartridge-based Type 1 water systems (E-Pure) we offer a complete line of cartridge and filter systems for all your single step purification and pretreatment needs. Use the Bantam Deionizer, Hose Nipple Cartridges or B-Pure cartridges for simple, single step purifications.


Use a Barnstead final filter at the point of dispense on a variety of pure and ultrapure water systems.

Filters are used in a variety of performance situations depending on specific Water Type models. They are essential to protect installations and systems from undissolved substances in water utilizing pre-filters, final, and sterile filters. Thermo Scientific Point of Use Filter Inserts are simple to install and include 10 and 20-inch pre-filter, final filters, and sterile filters for Point of Use systems.

UV lamps

UV lamp runs continuously to ensure accurate total organic carbon measurement.

Photochemical oxidation with ultraviolet light eliminates trace organics and inactivates microorganisms in feed water. The UV lamps in our lab water systems generate light at two wavelengths, 185 and 254 nm. The light generated at 254 nm has the greatest anti-bacterial action, reacting with their DNA, resulting in inactivation. The combination 185/254 nm light oxidizes organic compounds, allowing for total oxidized carbon levels of less than 5 ppb. These processes are effective to prevent bacterial contamination and oxidizing organics to produce pure lab water with low TOC levels.


Three angles of the GenPure xCAD Plus ultrapure water purification system dispenser

Increase flexibility in your lab with an xCAD Plus Remote Dispenser or Extended Control and Dispenser remote dispenser. This bench or wall mounted unit works with specific models to deliver water up to 8′ (2.4m) from the system. Dispensing flexibility continues with the Thermo Scientific Hand Dispenser Kit, and is compatible with many Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification systems. This kit includes a dispenser with 3 meter cord that connects to the water system tank and a 0.2 micron final filter. For Barnstead E-Pure systems, a remote dispenser is available, which delivers water up to 8′ (2.4m) from the system and ships with a mounting bracket.


A variety of tank sizes are available to hold pretreated water.

Safely store distilled water in a Mega-Pure glass distillation bottle.

Safely store distilled water in a Mega-Pure plastic distillation bottle for a lighter and shatter proof alternative to glass.

Water availability is important for labs to ensure purified water is always on hand for multiple applications. Safely store purified water (from a compatible system) with Thermo Scientific Water Purification Systems Storage Reservoirs in 30L, 60L and 100L. For distilled storage, Barnstead Mega-Pure storage bottles safely store distilled water using plastic or glass. These bottles are compatible with Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Stills and are available in varying capacities. The Barnstead MegaPure ACS (Automatic Collection System) collects up to 45L of water.