Flexible configurations to fit labs of any size.

Barnstead Lab Water Purification Systems each include a thoughtful array of features making them easy to use and dependable out of the box.  Designed with the customization in mind, the systems can be precisely suited to your specific needs.

Flexible systems for any lab

Laboratory environments have limited space. Our Thermo Scientific Barnstead lab water system portfolio offers small footprints, numerous installation options, and flexible dispensing options so pure and ultrapure lab water is always available, while optimizing space for your work.

Flexible mounting locations

Installation options include under the cabinet, on the wall, on the bench, or free-standing units with roller wheels for additional mobility.

Desktop or on-the-bench configuration offers full capabilities in a small footprint.

Space saving wall-mounted options free up benchtop space while maintaining total control.

Maneuverable portable tower units with roller wheels add the advantage of mobility with performance in a space-saving footprint.

Flexible remote dispensing

Focus on work, not water. Hands-free remote dispensing provides full control and eliminates the hassle of returning to the primary system to adjust parameters when needed. An xCAD Plus Remote Dispenser or Extended Control and Dispenser has all the system controls at your fingertips and provides increased flexibility. An action radius of 32 inches delivers water up to 8 feet from the water system for up to 2 additional dispensers from one single system. You can even dispense from all three simultaneously. Available in bench or wall-mounting.

Hands free dispense and control

Electronic control dosing allows you to set your water specifications including volume and flow rate. The electronically controlled dispenser will automatically fill and shut off with accuracy.

Flexible volume storage

A range of reservoir and holding tank sizes are available to meet the optimal amount of water your lab requires. This important feature ensures your lab has access to pretreated, pure or ultrapure water that is readily available for the day’s workload.

Flexible configurations for a custom lab

Need more than one type of water? Many of our systems are configured to produce multiple types of water, according to your needs. The right configuration for your lab considers the type(s) of water you use, storage volume and flow rate that fit your lab’s requirements. Your system configuration will also include certain required accessories and options to choose from. Use our model selection guide to find the right system for you. 

Flexible systems use a broad range of water purification technologies

Water purification is a step-by-step process often requiring a combination of technologies, each of which varies in the ability to remove specific contaminants. Barnstead lab water purification systems employ multiple technologies, some synergistically, to remove impurities and give you consistently pure water.  The table below illustrates which impurities are removed by each technology.

ASTM standards for reagent water

Reagent water has quantitative specifications that describe the level of purity for the water.  These specifications have been described by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D1193.  ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 3696.


Reagent water measurement (unit)

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Resistivity (MΩ cm) at 25°C




Total organic carbon (ppb)




Sodium (ppb)




Chloride (ppb)




Total silica (ppb)




Convenient operation and maintenance

Spend more time on your work and less time waiting on parts and service with Barnstead systems and accessories.  We designed our systems with easy media and cartridge resupply and simple self-maintenance procedures that allow you the flexibility of self-service or leveraging a service plan that meets your specific needs.

Aquastop quick-connect cartridge change

Convenience is key to our systems. Rapid cartridge changes with our quick-connect design simplifies self-maintenance. Additionally, enjoy convenience when restocking supplies as all required parts and accessories ship under one part number.

Plug-in UV lamp replacement

Replacement of the UV lamp protects the system against microorganisms and oxidizes organic compounds in the feed water for proper TOC levels. Changing this lamp is as simple as changing a light bulb.

Innovations reduce complexity

Simplified system set up and easy-to-use lab water purification help ensure delivery of pure and ultrapure water to your lab at the touch of a button.

Feed water monitoring

Advanced feed water monitoring utilizes an additional measuring cell that monitors feed water conductivity. The user is alerted with a fault message if water conditions drop below a set value or if there are other fluctuations in the feed water quality. Because poor feed water reduces cartridge life, this technology can help extend preventative maintenance intervals and reduce costs. 

Backlit digital display

Smart features like a backlit tilting display for easy viewing angles and continuous monitoring of critical parameters are built in and will immediately alert you when parameters are outside of settings. The intuitive interface allows for simple operation using sensors, timers and alerts for purity, leaks, auto-shut off and consumable monitoring.

Total Organic Carbon monitor

Continuously monitoring and recording Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measurements in real-time, this technology ensures water purity that meets or exceeds even the most stringent requirements for sensitive applications. A photo sensor continually checks the intensity of the UV lamp to prevent any drop in measured UV radiation that can result in an incorrect TOC measurement.

Recirculation accuracy and purity

Systems with reservoir recirculation continually recirculate water through the entire system to maintain purity and a customized volume of water between uses for extended periods of time.

Quality design and build

Purity is our top priority. Barnstead water purification systems, including the filters that purify your lab water, are made from virgin polypropylene, reducing the chance of organics being released. We manufacture using welds, not adhesives. Heat stamping eliminates inks or dyes used in lot and product numbers. New resin is used and never regenerated so grain capacity is accurate. This dedication to build quality is backed by a strong warranty and global service provisions.

Advanced high-quality materials

Virgin polypropylene and ultrasonically welded joints and seams are utilized to prevent contamination from organics and chemical adhesives.

The high-quality resins in our cartridges maximize application filtering capability and extend the life of the cartridge.