Bottle Top Filter

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow Bottle Top Filters are recommended for solutions being stored longer than two weeks, given its leak-proof cap extends shelf life of filtered reagents by minimizing pH shift in the storage bottle. Nalgene bottle top filters have a built-in vacuum adapter and dust cover, which can be used with narrow or wide mouth receiver bottles

SFCA membrane

Lower the number of extractables in your bottle-top filters by switching from standard cellulose acetate (CA) to Rapid-Flow Sterile Disposable Bottle Top Filters with SFCA Membrane. These filters fit Nalgene filter receiver bottles or standard glass media bottles and have surfactant-free cellulose acetate (SFCA) membranes.

PES membrane

Nalgene Rapid-Flow Bottle Top Filters with PES membranes provide fast flow rates and high throughput for increased filtration efficiency. With the exclusive Rapid-Flow support plate design, these bottle top filters are critical to sterile filtration of cell culture media, serum, additives and buffers.  

SFCA membrane

No records were found matching your criteria
Catalog # Pore Size Volume  
290-3320 0.2μm 150mL Select
290-4520 0.2μm 150mL Select
291-3320 0.2μm 500mL Select
291-4520 0.2μm 500mL Select
292-3320 0.2μm 1000mL Select
292-4520 0.2μm 1000mL Select
290-3345 0.45μm 150 mL Select
290-4545 0.45μm 150 mL Select
291-3345 0.45μm 500 mL Select
291-4545 0.45μm 500 mL Select

PES membrane

No records were found matching your criteria
Catalog # Pore Size Volume  
298-9020 0.2μm 5000mL Select
596-3320 0.2μm 150mL Select
596-4520 0.2μm 150mL Select
595-3320 0.2μm 500mL Select
595-4520 0.2μm 500mL Select
597-3320 0.2μm 1000mL Select
597-4520 0.2μm 1000mL Select
296-3345 0.45μm 150mL Select
296-4545 0.45μm 150mL Select
295-3345 0.45μm 500mL Select
295-4545 0.45μm 500mL Select

Select a receiver bottles

Nalgene bottles are made only from the highest quality plastic materials that meet pharmaceutical, laboratory and food grade standards. Our plastic resins are selected to minimize additives and reduce potential leachables.   

wide mouth bottles

Wide mouth bottles
The wide mouth designs are easier to fill and are recommended for solid, semi-solid and viscous liquid materials. 

narrow mouth bottles

Narrow mouth bottles
The narrow mouth provides more controlled pouring than wide-mouth bottles.

For help selecting the Nalgene bottle that's perfect for your lab applications, use our online selection guide.