Keep your laboratory organized, safe, and clean. Hold Parafilm™, pipettes, small lab items, and liquids with our lab organizers. Maintain a safe workplace environment with bench protectors, splash shields, and waste disposal products.

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Keep dry samples dry and moist samples moist with Nalgene™ LDPE Sample Bags. Ideal for small lab items, botanical samples, and other specimens.

Protect your bench from both spills and broken labware with our absorbent and cushioning bench protectors.

Store and transport dry and solid materials, specimens, and general lab supplies with our range of buckets and other containers manufactured from a variety of materials.

Our acrylic boxes, racks, and stands help you stay organized and are durable and easy to clean.

Repeatedly autoclave, dry, and sterilize instruments and labware with our heavy-duty constructed pans, trays, and baskets.

Nalgene staining boxes help you stain, fix, and handle fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes, with less chance of damage than conventional methods.

Transport bottles and other lab essentials safely and easily using Thermo Scientific™ racks, totes, and carriers. 

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Acrylic Benchtop Beta Radiation Shield products are specifically designed for use during procedures involving β-emitting isotopes. 

Help ensure accurate documentation using our lab notebooks, lab pens, and labeling systems.

Thoroughly clean your labware with our environmentally friendly detergent.

Simultaneously maintain safety and a clear field of vision by using this safety splash shield. Provides protection from splashes, aerosols and flying debris.

Contain waste on the benchtop or under the lab hood using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ safety waste disposal products. 

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Enhance productivity through innovative general labware products. Our proven lab consumables will meet your specialized application needs, and help you maintain a clean, safe, and efficient laboratory.