Centrifuge ware - spin with confidence

Spin with confidence

Understanding your requirements before selecting a tube or bottle ensures you make the right choice.

Whether your application includes the need for separations, large volume pelleting, protein purification or DNA isolation, the comprehensive selection of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ and Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ centrifuge ware offers a solution for virtually every scale and is available in sizes from 10mL to 2L.

A broad offering means a tube or bottle for spins—from clinical and bioproduction, to processing bacteria, yeast, tissue and viruses.

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Uniform wall thickness and precision profile mean Nalgene tubes provide better rotor fit and force tolerance. Available in conical or round bottom profiles in sizes ranging from 12mL to 100mL.

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Designed for high-speed centrifugation in refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges. Leakproof closures prevent material loss under ordinary use. Available in sizes ranging from 10mL to 81mL.

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Conical centrifuge tubes, developed with researchers in mind. Premium, high quality conical tubes developed for functionality, flexibility, and ease of use in the lab. Available racked and bulk in 15 and 50mL sizes.

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High-throughput, large volume centrifuge bottles for bioprocessing applications. Available in sizes 175mL to 2L.

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Our guarantee for a leakproof seal is subject to our standard product warranty, as set forth in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Terms and Conditions of Sale. Our products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their corresponding closures. However, to ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test our containers and closures under conditions of their planned applications. Please contact technicalsupport@thermofisher.com if you need additional information about our products.