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Applied Biosystems microarray solutions include all necessary components for a microarray experiment, from arrays and reagents to instruments and software. Our solutions enable scientists and clinicians to understand underlying disease mechanisms, identify biomarkers for personalized medicine, create novel molecular diagnostic tests, and improve genetic marker-assisted breeding programs in agriculture, thereby translating research results into biology for a better world.

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Phenotypic abnormalities are rarely a result of expression changes in single genes, so generating a comprehensive expression profile is critical when studying normal biology and disease processes. Profile all known coding and non-coding splice variants.

Large-scale genotyping studies aimed at improving understanding disease risk and drug response are helping to pave the way toward precision medicine. To be successful, these studies require affordable, high-density genotyping arrays with accurate imputation and assurance that every marker will be on every array, every time.

Microarray-based assays provide a genome-wide approach that enables high-solution DNA copy number analysis to detect gains, losses, loss/absence of heterozygosity (LOH/AOH), copy-neutral LOH (cnLOH), regions identical-by-descent, and mosaicism in a single assay.

Perform comprehensive miRNA profiling from as little as 130 ng and start exploring the role of miRNA in.24 hours—no bioinformatics resources required.

Our Axiom Biobank Genotyping Arrays feature imputation-aware modular designs that enable scientists to conduct large-scale, state-of-the-art traits and population studies that help us understand how complex interactions between genes, environment, and lifestyle relate to health.

Agrigenomics research is growing as climate change, population growth, and urbanization threaten farmers’ ability to meet the world’s food demands. To address these needs, breeders and farmers are employing new genomic strategies. Our powerful, flexible array-based genotyping solutions can help.