Targeted genotyping by sequencing

Accurate and affordable targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) for agrigenomics.

Our agricultural targeted genotyping solutions offer customized and affordable genotyping tools to enable highly accurate identification, high throughput, and routine screening of genetic markers associated with desired genetic traits and traceability.

Eureka Genotyping™ Solution

Eureka Genotyping™ Solution for   agrigenomics includes next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assays designed using Eureka myDesign™ or catalog panels. The Eureka genotyping assay is a fast workflow, going from extracted DNA to genotypes in as little as two days. The complete solution includes genotyping panels, reagent kits, a fully automated workflow, and easy-to-use data analysis tools.

Powerful solution


Your content. Rapid, flexible, and accurate answers.

Genotype any species, genome size, or ploidy level with your own proprietary markers or markers from recent sequencing initiatives on the fully customizable Eureka genotyping platform.

  • Rapid: Two-day workflow goes from extracted DNA to genotypes for thousands of samples per week.
  • Targeted: The custom design process and assay workflow ensures that all informative loci are targeted across all samples and across all manufacturing batches.
  • Flexible: Eureka genotyping panels can easily be updated to add or remove variants.
  • Affordable: The low cost per base of NGS is achieved through an intelligent combination of locus and allelic barcode and sample multiplexing.



Multiple sample types

Supports multiple sample types including crude lysate, dried blood spots, leaves, seeds, and ear tags.



Overview of the Eureka Genotyping Solution workflow

A Eureka genotyping panel contains probes that interrogate each marker of interest.
Day 1: DNA is fragmented. Polymorphic sites in the fragmented genomic DNA are interrogated by locus- and allele-specific probes through hybridization.
Day 2: Adjacent probes are ligated. Sample indices are added to each well to encode each sample followed by PCR amplification and pooling of samples. The libraries are sequenced.

Fast turnaround time
Automated genotype calling
Ease of use
  • From genomic DNA to genotypes in as little as two days
  • Higher throughput, more samples in less time due to high level of sample multiplexing
  • Short-cycle sequence data generated
  • No manual genotype assignment necessary
  • Eureka Analysis Suite: analysis capabilities for automated allele calling and quality assessment of genotypes.
  • Easy results sharing with the flexible software workflow with simplified data management
  • Validated Eureka 1.0 Reagent Kit
  • For multiple sample types, such as crude lysate, hair follicles, leave and seeds
  • Simple workflow easy to implement in large production environments

Fast assay workflow

  • Starting with as little as 42 ng/µL of genomic DNA, samples are processed in a 384-microtiter plate to generate NGS libraries.
  • The NGS libraries from each 384-plate are pooled, and short-cycle sequence data is generated from the pooled libraries.
  • The assay requires common lab equipment and very little hands-on time.
  • Workflow is easy to implement in production environments where large numbers of samples need to be genotyped with high accuracy in a timely manner.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.