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The Axiom Genotyping Solution is the platform of choice for large-scale genotyping studies. Our proprietary photolithographic manufacturing process helps ensure every marker requested is present on every array, every time it’s manufactured—something not possible with bead array technology. Choose a predesigned array or collaborate with us to customize an existing design or create an entirely new array specifically designed to meet the needs of your study.

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Applications supported by the Axiom Genotyping Solution

Precision medicine research

  • Highly affordable, broad-population array with evidence-based precision medicine research content
  • Largest GWAS plus clinical research marker coverage
  • Investigate the interplay between genetics and disease susceptibility

Biobank genotyping studies

  • Arrays with high-value genomic content ideal for large sample cohorts
  • Imputation-aware GWAS module for specific populations
  • Fully customizable modules covering content targeting transplant research, inflammation and HLA, pharmacogenomics, eQTLs, CNV regions, and more


  • Pre-emptive screening of samples to assess pharmacogenomic risk
  • Copy number variation (CNV) analysis for copy number states ranging from zero to three-plus for important ADME genes
  • Star allele and translation tables for key actionable genes

Comprehensive, cost-effective platform


Axiom arrays

A cost-effective global screening array with broad-population coverage of GWAS and clinical research content ideal for studies investigating the relationship between genetics and susceptibility to complex diseases

Develop custom arrays for your study of human diseases, drug response, or populations. Use variants you provide or choose SNPs from our Axiom Genomic Database, the world's largest resource of genotype-tested SNPs.

Imputation-aware modular designs tailored for your trait and population studies. This high-throughput platform is ideal for genotpying of large sample cohorts

An ideal platform for translational researchers in healthcare, pharma, biobanks and research organizations who are looking to understand how genetic variations affect drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME)

Axiom World Arrays and Population-Optimized Arrays are genotyping panels that offer genetic coverage of rare and common variants for efficient genome-wide disease association studies.

Enables the detection of all known microorganisms in a sample with species- and strain-level identification in a single, scalable assay. The proprietary photolithographic arrays help ensure fidelity and consistency across manufacturing batches, with designs available as long as required.

Instruments, software, and services

A multi-channel instrument for both expression and genotyping that seamlessly integrates hybridization, washing, and imaging to provide automated array processing

Automated target preparation helps minimize run-to-run variability and the labor burden associated with complex manual pipetting, helping to improve test reproducibility and laboratory efficiency.

A complete solution to data analysis for all Axiom arrays. From sample and plate QC to automated genotype calling and SNP classification, this easy-to-use software performs analysis in a single step and allows you to view QC results, summary tables, and SNP cluster graphs.

This software uses intensity and genotypes to calculate log2 ratios and B allele frequencies from genotyping data. The Affymetrix™ CNV Viewer is also included, which allows visualization of copy number changes across the genome. 

This companion software application for use with Axiom Analysis Suite enables the export of Axiom array genotyping data into long format for easy comparison to legacy arrays.

The Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory for microarrays  is a high-throughput genotyping facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping services for large-scale, microarray-based studies.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.