A personal microarray system

Virtually every life scientist would like a whole-genome view of complex biological questions. Many, however, are limited by budget or inhibited by the complexity of microarray systems and are forced to outsource their experiments or use less powerful technologies, such as qRT-PCR, with a limited view of the genome.

Now every researcher can bring the power of Affymetrix microarrays to their lab with GeneAtlas™ System— a complete solution for processing Affymetrix microarrays.

GeneAtlas System

This is different

GeneAtlas System takes a different approach to microarray experiments. It comes with what you need to get biologically relevant results in an exceptionally easy-to-use package and at an cost-effective price.

GeneAtlas System pioneers easy installation, including:

  • Requirement for only 3 feet of standard lab bench space
  • Simplified setup limited to standard PC industry cables and cords
  • User-managed verification enables next-day use

GeneAtlas System helps improve microarray analysis by providing:

  • The simplest microarray workflow
  • Superior affordability
  • Integrated analysis software specifically designed for life science researchers
  • A whole-genome view at prices comparable to low-plex technologies

GeneAtlas System enables you to:

  • Take control of your precious samples
  • Reduce the cost of your experiment
  • Decrease time to results and publication

The simplest microarray workflow

Move seamlessly from processing arrays to getting answers 

1. Processing of microarrays begins with the proven technology of Affymetrix™ target preparation assays

The target preparation assays offer: 

  • A streamlined and simplified workflow for reduced hands-on time
  • Lower required starting material—as low as 50 ng total RNA input
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio for detecting more rare transcripts
  • Magnetic bead-based purification for enhanced recovery

2. Hybridization occurs following a single pipetting step and insertion of the strip into the hybridization tray

The robust hybridization assembly offers a number of advantages: 

  • Under five minutes of total hands-on time 
  • Avoids fragile slide-based design 
  • Eliminates error-prone gaskets and user-created hybridization chambers 
Array strip and hybridization assembly

Array strip and hybridization assembly

3. Array washing and staining is performed by the automated fluidics station following insertion of the strip

Wash and stain features include: 

  • Simple reagent filling 
  • Intuitive software interface 
  • Robotic arm for automated wash and stain processing 
Fluidics station

Fluidics station

4. Transfer of the strip assembly into the imaging station’s drawer starts the imaging process

The imaging station:

  • Operates automatically via software
  • Limits user intervention to a single step
  • Processes four samples in as little as 30 minutes
Imaging station

Imaging station

5. Powerful software converts the data into biologically relevant results

Utilize Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) Software to generate differential expression analysis and visualization for easy interpretation.

Volcano plot
Scatter plot
Hierarchical clustering

Volcano plot
Visualize significant fold-changes between conditions.

Scatter plot
Visualize significant changes in signal between conditions.

Hierarchical clustering
Arrange samples and genes into groups based on their expression levels.