AA Splash Screen

The Applied Biosystems Automated Axiom Analysis software package enables analysis of the CEL files upon scan completion of an Axiom array plate on the GeneTitan MC instrument without user intervention.

Upon completion of plate scanning, a notification is sent to the Application Server Core and sample files are automatically uploaded to a designated folder. The Core alerts the Automated Axiom Analysis Software that CEL files are available for analysis. Automated Axiom then runs the analysis based on the default workflow that has been pre-selected for that specific array type. The results are stored in an Axiom Analysis Suite v5.0 or higher batch folder.


Easy to use automated analysis

Easily set up analysis from the Analysis Setup tab.

Conveniently view an analyzed batch in the dashboard. 

Click on a selected batch to view analysis statistics.

Easily view DQC metrics and QC Call rates by plate.

View a marker metrics summary table that list the breakdown of marker conversion types, counts, and percentages.

Marker metrics summary