Powerful yet simple data analysis

Applied Biosystems CarrierScan Reporter Analysis Software is a powerful and simple data analysis and reporting package that automates the most common calculations for individual carrier assessment and reproductive screening research. 

CarrierScan Reporter software reads Axiom Analysis Suite (AxAS) results, and then, using phenotypic descriptions found in the public domain (ClinVar, OMIM®, etc.), accurately determines sample heredity status. Upon assessment of individual and paired samples, CarrierScan Reporter software creates static outputs of the annotated results.

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Easy-to-use software provides complete hereditary assessment

Features of CarrierScan Reporter software include:

  • Analysis tools plus simple exporting software
  • Curated annotations
  • Single and paired carrier assessment
  • Population carrier frequencies for ACOG/ACMG recommended variants

Innovative workflow for a complete data generation pipeline

CarrierScan Reporter software offers a complete data analysis workflow, from analyzing CEL files in AxAS to translating mutations and carriers.

data generation pipeline
Genotyping and copy number analysis in one package

CarrierScan Reporter software provides:

  • Sample carrier research status
  • Confidence values
  • Individual residual chance of occurrence (residual risk)
  • Paired residual chance of occurrence (reproductive risk)
  • Compiled phenotype information

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