The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced ig-bee) is an application intended for visualization and exploration of genomes and corresponding annotations from multiple data sources.

When citing IGB, please reference: Nicol et al. (2009). The Integrated Genome Browser: free software for distribution and exploration of genome-scale datasets. Bioinformatics 25(20): 2730-2731.

 IGB user's guide (pdf, 1.20 MB)

System requirements

IGB requires Java Web Start, which is included with recent versions of the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java 2 Standard Edition SDK (J2SE SDK). IGB requires at least Java version 6 (JRE 1.6) or higher. Download the most recent version of Java by using the following button.

Free Java download 

Windows requirements

Any of the following:
Windows 98 (1st or 2nd edition)
Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or later
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or later (In non-English locales, only Windows 2000 Professional edition)

Pentium 166MHz or faster
400 megabytes RAM
54 megabytes of free disk space to install the Java 2 Runtime Environment.

Linux requirements

Pentium 166MHz or faster
Linux kernel v 2.2.12, glibc v2.1.2-11 or later
Recommended 400 megabytes RAM, 16-bit color mode with KDE or the Gnome desktop and in conjunction with displays set to local hosts.
75 megabytes of free disk space

Check your version of glibc using the following command:

ls /lib/libc-*

Recommended Linux distributions:
In English-locales, Red Hat 7.2, with kernel patch 2.4.9-31.
In non-English locales, Red Hat 7.1.

Limited support for these Linux distributions:
Caldera Open Linux 3.1 (kernel 2.4.2, glibc 2.2.1)
Turbo Linux 7.0 (kernel 2.2.18, glivc 2.1.x)
SuSE Linux 7.1 (kernel 2.4, glibc 2.2.14)
Turbo Linux for Simplified Chinese locale

Macintosh requirements

The Java 2 Runtime Environment version 1.6 release works on all Intel-based Macintosh computers running Mac OS X v.10.5 or later. It is obtained via the OS X built-in Software Update utility.
400 megabytes RAM are required to run the program.

Download and launch IGB

You need to download and install a version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which contains Java Web Start in order to launch Integrated Genome Browser.

After installing Java, first restart your browser, then return to this page.

Source code

Source code for IGB is available as part of the GenoViz project and is covered by the Common Public License, v1.0, an OSI approved open source license.

IGB is Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Affymetrix, Inc. Research and development of IGB is supported in part by NIH grant R01HG003040.