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Pharmacy Times: The Pharmacogenomics Data Are In So Why Is Adoption Still Lagging?

June 14, 2023

Pharmacogenomics is gaining support in mental health and polypharmacy, where the data make a strong case for improvements in clinical and economic outcomes.

Scientist Live: The power of predictive genomics

June 2, 2023

Predictive genomics provides the power to transform healthcare globally, explains Kim Caple

Journal of Precision Medicine: The Rise of Predictive Genomics

September 26, 2022

An interview with Chad Carter, MBA, VP/GM, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Richard Pither, PhD, CEO, Cytox

GenomeWeb: Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative, Thermo Fisher to Develop PRS for Han Chinese Population

September 13, 2022

Technology Networks: Broadening the Adoption of Pharmacogenomic Testing

August 16, 2022

Technology Networks recently had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Philip Empey, associate professor of pharmacy and therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh and associate director of the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC Institute for Precision Medicine, to learn more about the Center for Excellence he directs and the benefits PGx testing offers patients and providers.

Press releases

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Qatar Genome Program Partner to Advance Precision Medicine

May 23, 2022

The collaboration includes custom genotyping arrays designed to accelerate genomic research and clinical applications of predictive genomics across Arab populations