In our webinars and seminars series, our scientists cover the basics of Multiplex PCR, cDNA synthesis & reverse transcription and an introduction to cloning. These materials are designed to provide you with an understanding of the techniques involved and how our products can help you truly elevate your PCR Research. New webinars and materials will continue to be added so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

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On Demand PCR optimization webinar

PCR is an extremely sensitive and powerful tool for the amplification of a specific segment of a nucleic acid. In this webinar, learn how proper optimization of PCR conditions and parameters can generate specific and reproducible data.

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On Demand Smarter by design- improved efficiency and recovery with E-Gel® CloneWell™ gel
There are many different methods of extracting DNA bands from an agarose gel. Choosing the right extraction method depends on how the DNA ultimately is to be used.  In this webinar, you will be introduced to an innovative method of DNA extraction that is ideal for subcloning that will help you  double your cloning efficiency.
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On Demand Introduction to Fast PCR
In a research environment that is sensitive to time and efficiency, reducing time-to-results is essential. Learn how Fast PCR can help you achieve results comparable to standard reactions in just a fraction of the time. A typical thermal cycling reaction for 500 bp amplicons can take over an hour and a half, but with Fast PCR, the reaction can take as little as 25 minutes.
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On Demand Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix
A detailed look at multiplex PCR, a powerful tool for genotyping, gene expression analysis and other applications. In addition, introduce one of the newest members of our family of products, the Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix, a new highly specific optimization-free formulation for multiplexing PCR.
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On Demand Robust cDNA synthesis with SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase
A critical component of gene expression research is achieving robust cDNA synthesis. Suboptimal reverse transcriptase reactions can lead to low yields of cDNA or truncated cDNA. Learn why SuperScript® III reverse transcriptase, which has been engineered for higher thermostability, can provide higher yields of full length cDNA for complete gene expression.
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