GC-rich regions can promote the formation of undesired secondary structure in DNA, and efficient DNA amplification of templates containing GC-rich regions is improved through the use of specialized polymerases and modified cycling protocols. We've developed a range of polymerases—including AmpliTaq Gold® 360 and AccuPrime™ enzymes—designed for optimal performance with GC-rich DNA templates.

Which GC-rich PCR enzyme is right for you?

Preferred choice for GC-rich PCR Ultimate choice for GC-rich PCR Special choice for dinucleotide repeat markers
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  AmpliTaq® Gold 360 DNA Polymerase AccuPrime™ GC-Rich DNA Polymerase Platinum® GenoType Tsp DNA Polymerase
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Most popular
Fidelity (vs. Taq) 1x 2x 1x
Amplicon size 5 kb 5 kb 500 bp
Activation time 10 minutes 3 minutes 1 minute
Master mix/super mix format Yes
Genotyping application