Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix is an optimization-free multiplex PCR master mix designed specifically for endpoint multiplex PCR. It allows you to easily perform multiplexing with minimal optimization. Coupled with its proven performance over wide range of amplicon sizes from 50 bp to 2.5 kb, it will greatly enhance your workflow flexibility.

Which multiplex PCR enzyme is right for you?

Value choice for multiplex PCR Premium choice for multiplex PCR Ultimate choice for multiplex PCR
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  AmpliTaq Gold®
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AccuPrime™ Taq DNA Polymerase System Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix
Most popular
No. of amplicons in single reaction Up to 10-plex Up to 15-plex Up to 20-plex
Amplicon size 5 kb 5 kb Up to 2.5 kb
Highly optimized for convenience
Activation time 10 minutes 3 minutes30 seconds
Master mix/super mix format Yes Yes Yes