We offer standard Taq DNA polymerases that can be used for routine PCR applications such as genotyping, RT-PCR, colony PCR and amplification of GC-rich targets.

  • Invitrogen™ Taq DNA Polymerase - options include both native and recombinant versions. Native Taq and recombinant Taq polymerase are identical in terms of their activity, specificity, thermostability, and performance in PCR. Native Taq has been purified from the host, whereas recombinant Taq has been expressed in a bacterial system and purified.
  • Applied Biosystems™ AmpliTaq™ DNA polymerase - ultra-purified to reduce bacterial DNA providing superior purity and vial-to-vial, lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Start your search for the perfect standard PCR enzyme using the table below.

Which standard PCR enzyme product is right for you?

  Invitrogen Taq DNA polymerase
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Applied Biosystems AmpliTaq
DNA polymerase
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Formats Stand alone
1.1x SuperMix
Stand alone
Amplicon size Up to 5 kb Up to 5 kb
Activation time Immediate Immediate
Product overhang 3'A 3'A
Exonuclease activity 5'→3' 5'→3'
Availability as native or recombinant polymerase Native

Other PCR enzymes

You can also use these enzymes for everyday PCR amplification: