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Partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific to optimize drug development with accurate, efficient real-time PCR and digital PCR workflows. Discover our cGMP-compliant assays, reagents, and automated instruments.

Real-Time PCR Solutions for Vaccine Development

Real-Time PCR Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

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TaqPath Bactopure Microbial Detection Master Mix

Applied Biosystems TaqPath BactoPure Microbial Detection Master Mix detects as low as one copy of DNA per microliter from bacterial, viral, fungal, and mammalian sources.


Manufactured at an ISO-13485 certified facility following cGMP guidelines, BactoPure delivers superior lot-to-lot consistency and sensitivity, even in the presence of inhibitors.


Help to ensure contamination-free drug products and accurate titers to support your stringent quality control testing requirements. 

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