Real-Time PCR Solutions for Monoclonal Antibody Development


Save time developing and characterizing recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from discovery through clinical trials and manufacturing by incorporating genetic-level analysis into your workflows. Leverage the sensitivity and dependability of Applied Biosystems QualTrak biopharma-specific real-time PCR (qPCR) workflows to identify and characterize antigens, develop and validate clones and cell lines, and detect even low levels of contamination to help ensure the safety and efficacy of your products.

QualTrak mAb workflow

The QualTrak mAB workflow includes qPCR use cases across all steps of the development pipeline from discovery to GMP manufacturing.

QuantStudio 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System

Ensure you generate data you can trust, backed by our robust support capabilities, including compliance and audit services. 

Compliance documentation

QualTrak cGMP-compliant assays and reagents include quick and easy access to documentation.

QualTrak workflow

Use cases for real-time PCR solutions across monoclonal antibody development workflow


Antigen identification and functional characterization

Gene expression


Antibody screening and selection

Antibody screening

Antibody gene ID

Biomarker ID

Process development

Cell line development and clone selection

Genetic integration

Cell/clone selection

Cell banking (MCB/WCB)

Cell stability & efficiency

Adventitious agent testing

In-process test development/optimization


Viral clearance

Sterility testing


Host cell DNA

Pre-clinical and clinical trials


PK/PD studies



Patient screening/ID

Viral testing

Histology and pathology test

cGMP manufacturing

In-process testing + lot telease


Viral clearance

Sterility testing


Host cell DNA