MicroRNA (miRNA) and other small ncRNAs provide a natural gene silencing mechanism. They play a central role in controlling how the genome is regulated, and how traits are passed on or eliminated by environmental and genetic factors. We offer TaqMan® Assays and other tools specifically for miRNA and ncRNA research, from isolation through discovery, profiling, quantitation, validation, and functional analysis. Learn more about TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays and related products below.

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15K+ microRNA assays based on miRBase v21, including associated miRBase ID, accession number and alias.

Understanding miRBase nomenclature, normalizing results, searching and ordering online, and more.

Creating Custom RT and Preamplification Pools

Download the protocol for combining up to 96 microRNA RT primers together for multiplexed reverse transcription.


MicroRNA analysis: From discovery to functional solutions with Life Technologies

Explore our solutions for microRNA analysis, from discovery to functional analysis. Download our microRNA resource guide and learn about innovative tools for microRNA research.

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Which TaqMan® microRNA or noncoding RNA assay/array is right for you?

TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays are available in these formats:

  • Single tubes are a convenient all-in-one tube format for quantitative microRNA and noncoding RNA (ncRNA) studies
  • 384-well microfluidic cards are ideal for profiling studies of miRNA only on our ViiA™ 7 and 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR Systems
  • OpenArray® plates are for use with the OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System to meet high-throughput profiling demands 


Choose your TaqMan® Assay/Array based on your research needs:

What assay format do you want?What type of research are you doing?Use this TaqMan® Assay/Array
Single tubeTarget microRNA analysis

TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays

Pri-miRNA (human/rodent) analysis

TaqMan® Pri-miRNA Assays

Long noncoding RNA (human/rodent) analysis

TaqMan® Non-coding RNA Assays

Any of the above, requiring custom-designed assays

Custom TaqMan® Small RNA Assays

384-well microfluidic cardComprehensive coverage of most relevant microRNA (miRBase v20) using limited samples or material (human/rodent)TaqMan® Array MicroRNA Cards
Profiling selected microRNAs (using predesigned assays)Custom TaqMan® Array MicroRNA Cards
OpenArray® plateLarge-scale profiling (human/rodent)TaqMan® OpenArray® MicroRNA Panels

TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays featured videos

Dr. Leendert H. J. Looijenga of the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands discusses his research focused on DNA, mRNA, miRNA, and protein levels to identify the earliest changes in the development of cancer. Learn how Dr. Looijenga uses Life Technologies™ products to detect target miRNA in body fluids.

Expression analysis of both mRNA and miRNA on the same TaqMan® Array card, Dr. Malte Bucholz

Dr. Malte Buchholz of the Clinic for Gastroenterology at the University of Marburg, Germany, discusses his pancreatic cancer research using the simultaneous measurement and analysis of mRNA and miRNA in the same sample with a single Custom TaqMan® Array card.

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Custom RT and PreAmp pools using TaqMan® miRNA Assays

Custom RT and PreAmp pools using TaqMan® miRNA Assays

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