Tailor your SNP assay to your genotyping workflow with our custom design option

Applied Biosystems Custom TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays make it easy to utilize the power of TaqMan chemistry for detection of SNPs in any organism or genome where predesigned assays aren’t available. Integrate our gold-standard TaqMan chemistry, advanced assay design, and easy-to-use workflow into any of your genotyping applications such as screening, association, candidate region, candidate gene, or fine-mapping studies.

Our assay design pipeline is the key

The proprietary assay design process that powers our predesigned collection uses over 90+ parameters to generate optimal primer-probe designs that are wet-lab proven to maximize sensitivity and specificity. Leverage our secure assay design pipeline for your unique SNP targets by submitting confidential target sequences to the Custom TaqMan Assay Design Tool. This pipeline has generated millions of assay designs by utilizing heuristic rules deduced from both manufacturing and assay performance data.

All custom assays use TaqMan minor groove-binding (MGB) probes for superior allelic discrimination, improved signal-to-noise ratios, and design flexibility. All custom human SNP genotyping assays are functionally tested using 20 unique DNA samples to ensure assay amplification and sample clustering.

Design and order your custom assays online

Our simple online tool walks you through the process. You begin by entering a sequence, then submit the chosen target sites for assay design. Upon notification of successful design, simply add the custom assay to your card.

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Custom TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays

Cat. No. – HumanCat. No. –
SizeNo. of 25 µL reactions (96 well)No. of 10 µL reactions (96 fast)No. of 5 µL reactions
(384 well)
43313494332077Small; 40x3007501,500
43320724332075Medium; 40x1,0002,5005,000
43320734332076Large; 80x2,4006,00012,000
Discrimination5' nuclease assay to discriminate between two alleles of a specific SNP for use in genotyping studies
Assay componentsEach assay contains:
  • 2 unlabelled PCR primers: forward and reverse (primers at 900 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems VIC dye–MGB-labeled probe detects the Allele 1 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems FAM dye–MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 2 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)

Delivery times
Approximate delivery times are 4–6 days in the US and 6–10 days in Europe
Expiration date   5 years from date of manufacture
Shipping and storage conditionsAssays ship at ambient temperature. Store at -15 to -25°C upon arrival.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.