Industry standard gene expression microarrays provide good coverage for gene expression profiling, screening, and validation studies.Data from this large scale technology is routinely confirmed and/or validated by TaqMan qPCR. Microarrays and qPCR measure absolute quantities of transcripts using very different methods and algorithms, making comparisons of absolute expression levels complicated. However, comparing relative gene expression differences between samples is the most relevant approach to benchmark gene expression microarrays

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays were used as the gold standard in the MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project, which compared data from seven microarray platforms (Nature Biotechnology, September 2006). TaqMan Gene Expression Assays can provide high specificity and sensitivity for their target, and can be used to evaluate a wide dynamic range of input target quantities.

Affordably priced, these predesigned real-time PCR assays minimize the cost and labor barriers historically associated with TaqMan probe–based 5’ nuclease chemistry. You can receive the assays you need quickly, and the breadth of assays available makes accurate microarray validation possible.

One convenient aspect of TaqMan gene expression assays is that they are available in many formats: mid-throughput real-time PCR formats such as OpenArray and TaqMan Array Cards,as well as single-tube formats for screening and validation studies.TaqMan gene expression assays are considered the gold standard in real-time qPCR technology,asthey provide a wide dynamic range of greater than 6 logs of expression levels, high sensitivity, and high specificity.

To find the appropriate TaqMan Gene Expression assays, you can search using the microarray IDs that you are interested in validating. It's no wonder researchers from around the world use trusted TaqMan assays to get their abstract to publication faster.

TaqMan Array Cards and Plates

The perfect tool for validating the tens or hundreds of hits from a microarray study – TaqManArray Cards include 12–384 TaqMan Gene Expression assays in one easy-to-use 384-well microfluidic card. TaqMan ArrayCards enable you to accomplish the validation necessary to arrive at the right answer easily and affordably. Choose from TaqMan Array Cards pre-formatted with TaqManGene Expression assays selectedfor specific pathways, biomarkers, or disease states, or customize a card with the assays of your choice.TaqMan Array Cards require a special block only available on the Applied Biosystems ViiA7, QuantStudio 7, and QuantStudio 12K Flex instruments.

TaqMan Array Plates are 96-well plates pre-formatted with TaqMan Gene Expression assays.  Available in standard (20uL reaction volume) or fast (10uL reaction volume) plates, TaqMan Array Plates are the go-to solution for medium-throughput microarray validation when a TaqMan Array Card block is not available.  As with TaqMan Array Cards, you can select arrays for specific pathways, biomarkers, or disease states, or customize a plate with the assays of your choice.