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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran in the lab, you probably have questions about real-time PCR. Fortunately, the Applied Biosystems Taq Team is ready to help. As experts in real-time PCR, we address your most frequently asked real-time PCR questions and challenges in a new video series, Taq Talk, where you can expect to hear everything from the basics and best practices to experiment setup and choosing the right master mix. Browse the series below and stay tuned for more Taq Talk videos.

Featured Taq Talk videos:

Understanding real-time PCR terminology–Taq Talk Episode 1

What are Ct values in real-time PCR?–Taq Talk Episode 3

How TaqMan real-time PCR assays work–Taq Talk Episode 4

All Taq Talk videos

What is a real-time PCR master mix, and which one should you choose?—Taq Talk Episode 5

What is the right reverse transcription method for your qPCR experiment?—Taq Talk Episode 9

What can you study using real-time PCR?—Taq Talk Episode 15

Absolute quantification in real-time PCR—Taq Talk Episode 17

Considerations for singleplex vs. multiplex qPCR—Taq Talk Episode 23

Normalization methods of miRNA quantification—Taq Talk Episode 24

The purpose of ROX reference dye in real-time PCR —Taq Talk Episode 25

MIQE Guidelines and TaqMan Assays—Taq Talk Episode 28

Choosing the best endogenous control for your qPCR experiment—Taq Talk Episode 29

Tips for real-time PCR (qPCR) assay design—Taq Talk Episode 6

How to prepare a sequence for qPCR SNP genotyping assay design—Taq Talk Episode 7

How to measure PCR efficiency of an assay—Taq Talk Episode 8

Which quencher molecule is best for TaqMan probes in real-time PCR?—Taq Talk Episode 11

How real-time PCR assay efficiency can affect your data—Taq Talk Episode 32

Understanding real-time PCR terminology--Taq Talk Episode 1

Phases of real-time PCR and why they're important--Taq Talk Episode 2

How TaqMan real-time PCR assays work--Taq Talk Episode 4

Top tips for high quality, reproducible qPCR data across replicates--Taq Talk Episode 16

How to optimize qPCR using SYBR Green Assays--Taq Talk Episode 21

How to optimize multiplex qPCR experiments--Taq Talk Episode 22

Should you dilute cDNA for real-time PCR?—Taq Talk Episode 26

How to normalize cDNA concentrations for real-time PCR--Taq Talk Episode 27

How to improve real-time PCR sensitivity when samples are precious--Taq Talk Episode 30

What are Ct values in real-time PCR?--Taq Talk Episode 3

How to analyze real-time PCR data--Taq Talk Episode 10

Baselines in real-time PCR--Taq Talk Episode 12

Real-time PCR thresholds and where to place them--Taq Talk Episode 13

How to tell if Ct values are real signal or background noise--Taq Talk Episode 14

Copy number variation analysis with qPCR--Taq Talk Episode 18

How to analyze qPCR SNP genotyping data--Taq Talk Episode 19

Finding multiple melt-curve peaks when using SYBR Green dye in real-time PCR--Taq Talk Episode 20

How to label technical replicates with real-time PCR software--Taq Talk Episode 31


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Taq Talk Behind the Bench blog posts

Understanding real-time PCR terminology

 A quick guide to qPCR terms and acronyms

Real-time PCR can be challenging to learn, but it doesn’t have to be. Become a qPCR expert with our handy guide for common acronyms and terms.

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TaqMan Assays – 5 Interesting Facts

TaqMan Assays – 5 Interesting Facts

Have you ever wondered how "TaqMan" got its name? Read about the inspiration behind the name and four more interesting facts about TaqMan assays.

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TaqMan Assays – 5 Interesting Facts

Multiplex vs. singleplex qPCR

Learn the differences between singleplex and multiplex qPCR and tips on how to optimize your multiplex experiments.

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