One-Step reagents are used to directly amplify RNA samples on your real-time PCR instrument. The reverse transcription (RT) and qPCR steps are both conducted in the same reaction well. This reduces the number of sample manipulations required and time to result, but unlike two-step strategies, all of the cDNA is used in the PCR, so a cDNA archive is not available. One-step RT-PCR is most commonly used to process many samples at a time, for one or a few targets per sample. Examples include virus detection and quantification, high-throughput gene expression screening, and simple RNA quantification experiments.

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Key applications Gene expression analysis and influenza surveillance Virus detection and high throughput gene expression analysis Molecular diagnostics development Multiplexing (gene expression, virus detection, and molecular Dx development)
Recommended master mix SuperScript III Platinum One-Step qRT-PCR Kit TaqMan Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix TaqPath 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix, CG TaqPath 1-Step Multiplex Master Mix
Cycling mode/run time Standard/~120 mins Fast/~60 mins Fast/~60 mins Fast/~60 mins
Lot-to-lot consistency Good Better Best Best
Instrument compatibility ++ +++ +++ +++
Inhibitor tolerance ++ +++ +++ +++
Multiplexing + ++ ++ +++
Carryover contamination control + ++ +++ (Contains UNG) +++ (Contains UNG)
Reverse trascriptase SuperScript III RT Thermostable MMLV Thermostable MMLV Thermostable MMLV
Passive reference dye ROX or No ROX ROX ROX Mustang Purple or None
Labeled use Research Use Only Research Use Only General Purpose Reagent General Purpose Reagent
Format 3 tubes 1 tube 1 tube 1 tube
Concentration 2X 4X 4X 4X
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