SYBR™ Select Master Mix offers advanced performance at an affordable price.

  • Specific - minimize primer-dimer and nonspecific amplification with a highly purified DNA polymerase with a proprietary hot start mechanism
  • Reproducible and sensitive - consistent amplification across a wide dynamic range
  • Bright - contains SYBR™ GreenER™ dye for maximum brightness
  • Carry-over contamination control - contains heat-labile UDG
  • Broad instrument compatibility - compatible on most Real-Time PCR instruments

SYBR Select Master Mix outperforms the competition with respect to:

  • Specificity - specific amplification for 100% of assays
  • Brightness - optimum brightness for high performance on most Real-Time PCR instruments
  • Dynamic range - more tolerant to high input cDNA
  • Sensitivity - true single copy detection as demonstrated with digital PCR
Exceptional specificity

Out of 44 assays and 3 independent replicate reactions only SYBR Select Master Mix had a single peak in all the melt curves (100% specificity).

Melt Curve
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Figure 1: Percentage of assays with Single Peak in Melt Curve

Spectacular dynamic range and linearity

SYBR Select produces no NTC signal and is more tolerant to high-input DNA.

NTC signal
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Figure 3: Dynamic range and linearity shown for a 7-log dilution for PGK1 assay

Brightness that is just right

SYBR Select is brighter than the majority of competitor master mixes, but not too bright to upset some Real-Time PCR instruments.

Average delta Rn
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Figure 2: Average delta Rn (relative fluorescence) across 4 dilution points for PGK1 assay
Single copy detection

SYBR Select allows single copy detection using dPCR and gDNA with RNaseP target.

single copy detection
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Figure 4: The single copy RNase P gene was amplified using genomic DNA diluted to <1 copy per reaction. Then, a normal distribution of the CT values was obtained