TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Master Mix has been designed to match or exceed the performance of standard master mixes, delivering shorter run times (<40 minutes) with results equal to or better than what is achieved today.

  • Best-in-class performance
  • Engineered for enhanced benchtop stability
  • Optimized for multiplexing
  • Reduced run times on fast and standard instrumentation
  • Seamlessly transitions into your experiments

This next-generation master mix employs our novel Applied Biosystems™ AmpliTaq™ Fast DNA Polymerase, which has been engineered for enhanced stability, allowing your preassembled reactions to be left at room temperature for up to 72 hours without impacting performance. The formulation has been optimized for duplex PCR with both endogenous and exogenous control assays, enabling you to run a control in every well to further increase confidence in your results.

Best-in-Class Performance

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix is designed to provide performance equal to or better than the results you currently expect from your standard master mix. We have benchmarked this master mix against other leading suppliers' standard and fast master mixes to help ensure that it consistently delivers best-in-class sensitivity, accuracy, dynamic range, and specificity.

Benchtop Stability for High-Throughput Handling and Convenience

This master mix has been engineered to retain its high level of performance in preassembled reactions for up to 72 hours. The stability of this mix provides users of high-throughput liquid handling systems the confidence that the results on the first plate will mimic those on the last plate. For those with less extreme throughput needs, the enhanced stability of this master mix provides an added convenience to your workflow, as you are no longer constrained to immediately run your plates upon assembly.

Optimized for Multiplexing

For added confidence in the results you see in every well, TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix has been designed to help deliver accurate results for duplex reactions using an internal positive control (IPC).

Reduced Run Times on Standard Instrumentation

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix has been optimized for use with Fast and standard instrumentation, enabling researchers who currently own standard instruments to realize the performance benefits and time savings this mix provides.

Validated for MicroRNA Assays

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix has been validated for use with multiple real-time PCR applications, including Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® microRNA Assays. The formulation provides high specificity and dynamic range—the two most critical performance attributes that define successful results when working with microRNAs.