Real-Time PCR is an extremely sensitive and accurate method for detecting viruses. Get started with real-time PCR for virus detection using TaqMan® Assay and digital PCR products tailored for virus detection research applications.

Experimental Workflow: Virus Detection Using TaqMan® Assays

Isolate RNA from experimental samples, while preserving its integrity. Automated platforms for viral nucleic acid isolation.

Order RNA Isolation Kits

Amplify your viral RNA or DNA using TaqMan® Pathogen Assays and TaqMan® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix.

Together these products contain the enzymes, buffers, PCR primers and probe necessary to perform TaqMan® real-time PCR analysis for virus detection. If you are studying DNA viruses only, we recommend the TaqMan® Fast Advanced Master Mix.

  • The Exogenous Internal Positive Control kit and target-specific Acrometrix® standards and controls are designed to help you check your experiments and processes for quality and to improve the accuracy of your results.

Run your reactions on a real-time PCR instrument and analyze the data.

For detection applications, rather than quantitative applications, our software includes a Presence/Absence analysis method that helps to simplify the results and provide maximum sensitivity when your assay is multiplexed with the exogenous IPC kit.

Digital PCR

Absolute quantification of viral nucleic acid can also be performed using digital PCR. This new PCR technique can precisely quantify very low levels of viral target and does not require controls. However, the sample throughput is lower than with standard real-time PCR.

Viral Detection Tailored for Specific Research Applications

We also offer other products for virus detection in specific research areas:

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.