Whole-transcriptome analysis is very important in understanding how altered expression of genetic variants contributes to complex plant phenotypes. Life Technologies offers an extensive product portfolio for gene expression analysis, from transcriptome sequencing and TaqMan® real-time PCR solutions to products for epigenetics research—all aimed at facilitating gene expression analysis in a fast, reliable, and accurate way.

What are the different approaches for gene expression analysis?

Plant researchers utilize a variety of approaches to understand gene expression. In some cases, whole-transcriptome profiling is preferred to targeted RNA sequencing, which generally involves panels. In order to study plant functional genomics, researchers also utilize epigenetic tools as well as plant miRNA, small RNA, and RNAi studies to decipher the root cause behind phenotypes of interest. No matter what your study involves, Life Technologies has a leading portfolio of instruments, reagents, and solutions for all your gene expression studies.

Transcriptome sequencing

Compared to traditional microarray technology—which can only be used for gene expression profiling in species with known transcriptome sequences—next-generation sequencing technologies enable plant researchers to perform these studies in any plant species, and do so with assays that have a higher dynamic range at a lower cost. If your goal is to profile the entire plant transcriptome or to use RNA sequencing to reduce the complexity of a large, complex and polyploid genome, transcriptome sequencing has never been easier than with the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ or the Ion Proton™ Systems.

The Ion PGM™ System is the best solution for the vast majority of plant transcriptomes (up to 1 Gb) due to its scalability, simplicity, and speed:

The Ion Torrent machine
  • The fastest run times: 90 minutes for 100-base sequencing on the Ion 314™ Chip
  • The most affordable price
  • High accuracy
  • 200 bp read length, up to 400 bp long reads
  • 11 million wells, up to 1Gb output by Ion 318™ Chip
  • One instrument, multiple applications: de novo sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing , genotyping by sequencing, re-sequencing, etc…

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Targeted gene expression analysis

If your experimental approach is limited to a few genes or certain areas of the transcriptome, real-time PCR assays with TaqMan® probes are the best approach for you. With trusted Applied Biosystems® instruments and software, TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays and master mixes are tailored for success. Find out more:

TaqMan Accesories
From few samples and targets to high-
throughput applications, there are TaqMan® Assay formats to fit your needs.

Epigenetics, miRNA, and non-coding RNA research in plants

Epigenetics miRNA

Gene regulation in plants occurs via epigenetic changes such as DNA methylation, chromatin structure, and noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs). These processes are part of a complex regulatory circuit that requires robust tools to study. Life Technologies has developed powerful technologies for epigenetics research that span sample preparation, sequencing, quantitative PCR, functional analysis assays, and bioinformatics tools for analysis.

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