Life Technologies’ has been providing instruments, reagents, and solutions for plant-science research for over two decades.

Fragment Analysis Solutions for Agriculture Biotechnology

Life Technologies has developed CE solutions for high-throughput genotyping, genomic profiling, chimerism, and copy number analysis to enable sequence-to-function analysis for today’s plant biotechnology researchers.

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Sequencing Solutions for Plant Sciences

Life Technologies sequencing solutions enable key applications in plant research such as de novo sequencing, genotyping and gene expression analysis.

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Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP®) is a technique originally developed for plant-breeding applications, but is now employed universally as a method for fingerprinting DNA from any source. Read the AFLP® application note on plant mapping.

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Plant Nucleic Acid Purification

Life Technologies offers an expansive portfolio of kits, reagents, and devices for the isolation, purification, analysis, and quantitation of plant genomic DNA, total RNA, mRNA, and microRNA or transcriptome RNA.

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Custom Gene Expression Assays

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

We offer hundreds of inventoried, made-to-order, plant-specific TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays that can be customized to your specifications.

MicroRNA and non-coding RNA TaqMan® Assays

Inventoried TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays are available for several species, including Arabidopsis. These assays are aligned with the Sanger miRBase Registry. If you can’t find the assay you need from our stocked list, you can design your own Assay.


TaqMan® genotyping assays are optimized for end-point fluorescence detection and are useful in a variety of applications in agriculture and plant biotechnology, including linkage mapping and population genetics. For higher throughput, the TaqMan® SNP genotyping assays (stocked or custom) can be supplied as an Open Array® Genotyping plate, which enables one person to validate or screen up to 256 SNPs across >1,500 samples in one day, without the use of robotics.

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Plant Transformation

ElectroMAX™ LBA4404 Cells have been successfully used to transform a variety of plant species in plant biotechnology research, including tobacco and Arabidopsis, at high efficiency.

Algae Engineering Kits

New GeneArt® Algae Engineering Kits for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Synechococcus elongatus are the first commercially available genetic modification and expression systems for photosynthetic microalgae. These kits are designed for rapid scale-up and production and consistent, defined quality.

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GMO Testing