SNP Genotyping on Douglas Scientific® Array Tape™

The combination of TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays and the Douglas Scientific® Array Tape™ Platform allows the generation of millions of data points per day. By leveraging industry-leading TaqMan® Assays from Life Technologies and the disruptive Array Tape™ Platform from Douglas Scientific, researchers now have access to seamless solutions designed for high-throughput genotyping applications in plant agricultural biotechnology and animal breeding industries.

Why TaqMan® chemistry and Array Tape™?

The automation expertise of Douglas Scientific together with the chemistry and sample preparation solutions of Life Technologies are a natural fit. We are developing preset protocols and data sets with the goal of providing our customers with the right throughput and cost, along with improvements in efficiency and data quality.

What is the Array Tape™ Platform?

Douglas Scientific provides automated, inline modular instrumentation that is fully integrated and optimized for use with Array Tape™. Array Tape™ is a continuous polypropylene strip serially embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats, including 96- and 384-well arrays. Array Tape™ is thin (0.3 mm) and flexible, allowing 200 microplate equivalents (76,800 reaction wells) to be spooled onto a single, compact reel (90 mm width x 560 mm diameter). It is a flexible microplate replacement for high-throughput screening that allows for a streamlined lab process.

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What are TaqMan® SNP Assays and reagents?

TaqMan® 5' nuclease assay chemistry provides a fast and simple way to get single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping results. Each TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assay includes two allele-specific TaqMan® MGB probes containing distinct fluorescent dyes, and a PCR primer pair to detect specific SNP targets. These TaqMan® probe and primer sets (assays) uniquely align with the genome to provide unmatched specificity for the allele of interest.

Optimized to work with the TaqMan® Assays, TaqMan® GTXpress™ Master Mix combines AmpliTaq® Fast DNA Polymerase UP, dNTPs, tracking dye, and ROX™ dye in a convenient, single-vial format.

For a total solution including the GTXpress™ Master Mix, the TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit offers extraction of real-time PCR–ready DNA in 5 minutes from a wide variety of samples ranging from blood to buccal swabs to plant tissues.


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