Thermo Scientific Protein Biology Bulk and Custom services

Partner with us to scale-up your process or product development pipeline with bulk quantities of high quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals. We have been supplying bulk and custom made reagents to the biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years.

We offer a variety of compounds, devices and resins for your large-scale application. Whether you are developing an assay for commercialization, constructing a large screening assay for in-house use or requiring high-purity reagents for your manufacturing process, we can provide consistent quality from milligram to kilogram quantities manufactured under ISO 9001 processes.

Protein Labeling Products

Reagents to add a biotin group to proteins, peptides or antibodies. Choose a biotinylation reagent based on the chemical group you would like to modify: Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide.

Reagents for every step of the antibody production process from animal immunization to antibody purification, & characterization. This includes: primary and secondary antibodies, adjuvants and carrier proteins, antibody purification resins and buffers, antibody isotyping, antibody fragmentation and, antibody labeling.

Used for protein conjugation to solid surfaces (microplates, beads, particles, microspheres, membranes, glass slides), enzymes, antibodies, chromatography supports and other proteins of interest. See our Crosslinker Selection Guide

Use our DyLight dyes to add fluorophores with extended photostability, high quantum yield and sharp emission spectra. Label any biomolecule for easy detection.

Dialysis Reagents

Exchange buffers easily and quickly. Resins available to remove endotoxins, detergents or salts from a protein sample. Slide-A-Lyzer cartridges for quick and efficient dialysis.

Tools available for Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis (RED) to assess drug plasma protein binding as well.

Buffers and Reagents

Tools to quantitate proteins levels by mass spectrometry analysis.

High purity detergents for various applications.

Reagents to extract and stabilize proteins optimized to extract protein from cells and tissues. 

Reduce background in immunoassays such as ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry, tissue staining, immunoprecipitation, slide based assays, protein arrays, fluorescent assays, latex beads, nanoparticles & microsphere based assays.

Substrates, Plates and Resins

Detect enzyme activity in immunoassays such as western blotting and ELISA.

Choose either pre-coated plates or contact us for custom coating.

Immobilize biomolecules onto resins to facilitate protein:protein interactions.

Purify fusion proteins, biotinylated proteins, phosphoproteins or glycoproteins with our highly specific affinity tag and IMAC resins.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.