Thermo Fisher Scientific, located in Rockford, IL., has been producing fine chemicals and biologicals for over 50 years. We utilize a wide variety of techniques to manufacture and package over 2000 Thermo Scientific Pierce products especially for protein biology research. We are ISO 9001 certified which is acceptable for many bulk manufacturing projects. We do not currently have cGMP production facilities, but we welcome customer audits of our facility and will work with you to provide documentation and materials for any necessary validation studies. We recently completed construction of a new, 55,000 sq ft production facility with class 100,000 HEPA suites.

Contact our experts in the Bulk & Custom Sales Department or contact your local distributor to discuss your project or request a bulk pricing on our catalog products quote. Popular immunoassay reagents, protein purification supports, sample preparation devices, recombinant proteins and antibodies are supplied in bulk quantities. Custom microplate coating services are also available for assay product development (IVD) or screening (HTS) applications. We can also accommodate a variety of special packaging requests and formulations to accommodate your production schedule. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001 so manufactured products have validated manufacturing procedures and testing to maintain consistency. Rely on us to provide lot-to-lot consistency, QC methods development, multiple lot validation and large-scale lot production.

Below is a brief description of the capabilities the Rockford site can have at your service to commercialize your kit, formulate your buffer, produce your chemical reagent or purify your protein of interest.

Overview of Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Pilot Plant (up to 300 gallons)
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratories (mg to kilogram quantities)
  • Biochemical Lab (from ml to 1,000s of liters)
  • Packaging Department for Wet & Dry Fills
  • Formulations Facility (from ml to 1,000s of liters)

Production Equipment

  • Automated high speed microplate filling machines (96 and 384-well plates)
  • Automated high speed liquid filling lines
  • Glass-lined & Teflon-lined reactors (50-300 gallons)
  • Basket Process Centrifuges
  • Freeze Dryers
  • NMR Spectrometer (300MHz)

Organic Chemistry Labs

  • Solvent-based chemistry
  • 22 liters to 300 gallon reactors (Teflon & Glass-lined)
  • Process Development with R&D Support
  • Process Optimization
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Solids & Liquid Handling
  • Air/moisture-Sensitive Compounds: distilling, mixing, filtering, heating/cooling, and containment
  • Hazardous Materials Scrubbing

Biochemistry Labs

  • Aqueous-based Chemistry
  • Antibody purification: polyclonal and monoclonal (multigram lot quantities)
  • Antibody Modifications: biotinylation, fragmentation, immobilization, enzyme conjugation
  • Antibody and Ligand Immobilization on Chromatography media
  • Protein Isolation & Purification design
  • Lyophilization units providing up to 6,000 vial lots
  • Low Endotoxin, Sterile Filtration

Formulation Suites

  • Class 100,000 formulations suites
  • 300-7,500 liter formulation tanks
  • Specialty, Solvent and Caustic buffer formulations
  • Dry blended buffers


  • Aseptic Filtration
  • Laminar Hood Fills
  • Controlled atmosphere fills for dry materials
  • Liquid Fills: high speed automated lines & small run semi-automated
  • Bottles, Pouches, Ampules, Hypovials, Columns, Microtube packaging options

Kit Assembly and package design available