Novex ELISA Kit

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a benchmark for the quantitation of proteins, using a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect and measure protein targets in various sample types. ELISAs provide rapid and consistent results that are relatively easy to analyze. Browse a comprehensive portfolio of over 1,000 ELISA products, ranging from antibody pairs through cytokine ELISA kits to phospho-specific and neurobiology-related ELISA kits.

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Human IL-10 ELISA Kit
Human TNF alpha Antibody Pair Kit

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Featured ELISA categories


Ready-to-use ELISA kits are a convenient option for quantitating proteins and include pre-coated plates with capture/detection antibodies, standards and buffers and accessory reagents.

Antibody Pairs

An affordable option for measuring proteins and include matched pairs of detection and capture antibodies and accessory reagents to coat your own ELISA plates.

ELISA Reagents and Accessories

Coated microplates, blocking buffers, antibodies, conjugates, substrates, and accessories to develop and complete ELISA experiments.

Neurobiology ELISA Kits

High-quality ELISA kits designed for researchers studying neurological disorders or neuroscience-related research.

Phospho-Specific ELISA Kits

Phosphorylation ELISA kits are designed to deliver accurate, sensitive, and fast protein quantitation of total and phosphorylated, modified, or cleavage site-specific proteins.

Cytokine and Extracellular ELISA Kits

Extensive portfolio of over 700 cytokine, chemokine, interleukin, and extracellular ELISA kits, covering a broad range of targets in several species and various sample types.

To find immunoassay options for multiplex assays, visit our Luminex™ assays section

ELISA options

  Antibody Pairs ELISA Kits
Ready to use? No
Require additional reagents & accessories, and overnight coating process
Include pre-coated plates, standards, buffers, probing and detecting reagents
Optimization required? Yes No
Total assay time 16 hr (Overnight plus 4 hr) 2.5–4 hr

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