Instant ELISA Technology

Add sample. Subtract the variability.

Invitrogen Instant ELISA technology represents a major improvement over the traditional sandwich ELISA. As the name "Instant ELISA" denotes, the simple addition of your sample is all that is required to start the assay—no laborious preparation of reagents, serial dilutions of standards, and sequential addition to the plate.

Instant ELISA kits are an excellent option for labs requiring a streamlined ELISA system with maximum accuracy, reproducibility, and time savings.

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Key features of Instant ELISA kit technology
  • Built-in accuracy—No need to add antibody or do serial dilution of standards. Reduced handling means less error with more consistent results.
  • Time saving—Allow 15 minute set-up time. Just add your sample to start the assay.
  • Better value—Use all 96-wells to analyze samples. Results for standard curve are generated in parallel well strips provided.
  • Flexibility—Maximize workflow with highly compatible automation for busy labs.
  • Reduced consumable costs—Eliminate steps required for serial dilution of standards and addition of antibody and detection reagents.

How Instant ELISA kits work

In contrast to conventional ELISA kits whose pre-coated plates include only the capture antibody when the sample is added, Instant ELISA kit plates contain all of the necessary components including capture antibody and lyophilized detection antibody, streptavidin-HRP, and sample diluent. In addition, strip wells containing the standard for the standard curve are provided separately; they are ready-to-use, saving both time and wells.

Comparison of Instant ELISA technology vs. conventional ELISA procedures. With Instant ELISA kits, all the preparation work has been done for you, thereby decreasing hands-on time per experiment.

Conventional ELISA standards vs. Instant ELISA kit standards. With Instant ELISA kits, you receive a full 96-well plate for your samples, and two separately packed double standard curves. This enables the use of all 96 wells for your samples. In contrast, conventional ELISA kits allow the use of 80 wells on a 96-well plate for samples. Instant ELISA kits expand your ELISA capacity by 20%.

Fewer steps help to save time and reduce variation. With Instant ELISA kits, all the preparation work has been performed for you. There are only 7 working steps using the Instant ELISA kit, as opposed to 17 steps using a conventional ELISA. As a result, you can decrease total hands-on time per experiment to about 1 hour by adopting the Instant ELISA technique.




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