Cytokine and Extracellular ELISA Kits

Cytokines, including interleukins, interferons, chemokines, lymphokines, and tumor necrosis factors (TNF), are cell signaling molecules important in the body’s response to infection, inflammation, trauma, cancer, and reproduction. Our extensive portfolio of over 700 cytokine and extracellular ELISA kits covers a broad range of targets in several species and various sample types.

Popular cytokine ELISA kit products

Human c-Myc ELISA Kit
Human IL-6 ELISA Kit

Advantages of cytokine ELISA kits:

  • Broad menu of over 700 targets
  • Optimized for sensitive, accurate, and consistent performance
  • Thorough instructions to complete protocol in 2.5 to 4 hours (varies by kit)
  • Validated for typical sample types (e.g., serum, plasma, supernatant, lysates)

These extracellular and cytokine ELISA kits comes ready to use and include pre-coated 96-well plates with detection/capture antibodies, standards, buffers and accessory reagents.

Other popular cytokine and extracellular ELISA kits

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IL-6 ELISA Kit demo video

IL-10 ELISA Kit demo video

Quantitative measurement of cytokines in biological samples

Cytokines have been implicated not only in immunological conditions and inflammatory response, but also in disease states such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. The accurate quantitation of cytokines in biological samples such as plasma, serum, and tissue culture samples enables researchers to fully understand the mechanisms behind disease in physiological conditions.

These ELISA kits are developed to meet industry-standard specifications including standard calibration, precision, sensitivity, specificity, recovery, lot-to-lot consistency, and parallelism. Each protein is researched to target physiologically relevant sensitivity and tested in well-established models when available. These kits are manufactured in an ISO facility with stringent quality control to help ensure excellent quality and reproducibility.

Table 1. Rigorous assay validation of ELISA kits helps ensure consistent, reliable results.

Specification Description What does it mean for you?
Standard calibration Calibrated to NIBSC, if available Allows accurate quantitation and consistent standard of reference across multiple platforms
Precision Inter-assay CV <10%, intra-assay CV 10% Enables consistent results each time
(Figure 1)
Relevant levels of protein Enables detection of low levels of protein
Specificity Cross-reactivity tests are performed with similar analytes Helps to ensure accurate quantitation in multiple sample types, including serum and plasma
Recovery Buffers are optimized to minimize matrix effects Helps to ensure accurate quantitation in multiple sample types, including serum and plasma
Lot-to-lot consistency
(Figure 2)
In-house controls are tested to measure within set ranges Helps to ensure consistent results with new lots
Linearity of dilution Linear results over the quantitative range of the assay Serial dilution of samples are quantitated accurately
(Figure 3)
Recombinant protein standards mimic native proteins Samples can be measured with confi dence

Table 2. Recovery testing.

The recovery of recombinant human IL-23 heterodimer added to human serum, EDTA plasma, citrate plasma, heparin plasma, and tissue culture medium containing 10% fetal bovine serum was measured using the Novex® Human IL-23 Heterodimer ELISA Kit (Cat. No. KHC0231).

Sample type Average recovery
Serum 99%
EDTA plasma 88%
Citrate plasma 83%
Heparin plasma 86%
RPMI + 10% fetal bovine serum 116%*
DMEM + 10% fetal bovine serum 100%
* Occasional estimated recovery >100% is within the range of experimental values.

Figure 1. Higher sensitivity levels.| The standard curves demonstrate the ability to measure lower levels of MMP-9 protein with the Novex® ELISA Kit (Cat. No. KHC3061) than with a competitor’s kit.

Figure 3. Parallelism testing to ensure recombinant standards are equivalent to natural samples.| The data obtained with the recombinant sample standard (blue line) correlated very well with the data from serum, citrate, heparin, EDTA, and tissue culture (TC) using the Novex® Rat IL-6 ELISA Kit (Cat. No. KRC0061), helping ensure accurate quantitation.

Figure 2. Lot-to-lot consistency.| Individual production lots were analyzed using 4 levels of control specimens (C1–C4), which ensured low variation between lots (<20%).


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