Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are plate-based assays designed for detecting and quantifying substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, and hormones. We offer a comprehensive line of labware and accessories, coated microplates, blocking buffers, antibodies, conjugates, and substrates to develop and complete ELISA experiments.

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Tools and supplies for ELISA, including blank polystyrene microplates, pipetting reagent reservoirs, plate sealing tape, racked tube systems for use with multi-channel pipettes, and a unique vacuum-manifold apparatus for filter-based ELISA procedures.

A wide variety of conjugates and detection probes for use in ELISA. The labels include secondary antibodies, biotin-binding proteins, antibody-binding proteins, and CaptureSelect™ biotinylated ligand conjugates.

A wide selection of high-performance surface coated plates (pre-coated and pre-blocked polystyrene 96-well and 384-well microplates) in clear, white, and black for ELISA development and other plate-based assays with standard or fluorescent plate readers.

We offer colorimetric, chemiluminescent, and chemifluorescent substrates for alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and other enzyme reporter systems, including sensitive formulations of TMB for kinetic, competition, or sandwich ELISAs.

Various easy-to-use and reliable blocking buffers for ELISA. These blocking buffers are also suitable for use in other detection methods, such as western blotting, IHC, and nucleic acid detection.

Designed for a variety of applications, our portfolio includes pipette and tip systems for optimal performance, as well as pipette tips for any pipette you have in the lab.


Partner with us to scale-up your process or product development pipeline with bulk quantities of high-quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals. We offer a variety of compounds, devices, and resins for your large-scale applications.

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