Invitrogen Dynabeads products

The best balance of high yield and reproducibility with low nonspecific binding

Invitrogen Dynabeads products have, by far, more publication references than any other product for immunoprecipitation using magnetic beads. Now IP automation protocols are available using Dynabeads products with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher instruments. These protocols are program extension files (.bdz format) for the BindIt Software that runs on KingFisher instruments.

Automated Immunoprecipitation in 40 min using Dynabeads and KingFisher Flex ID

For IP, KingFisher instruments with Dynabeads offer the best balance of high yield and reproducibility with low nonspecific binding and cost, which is one reason why they have become the gold standard for immunoprecipitation using magnetic beads.

Protocol files are now available for the following Dynabeads products:

  • Dynabeads Protein A    
  • Dynabeads Protein G
  • Dynabeads Sheep Anti-Mouse
  • Dynabeads Sheep Anti-Rabbit
  • Dynabeads M-280 Streptavidin

Get IP protocols optimized for KingFisher

Designed for automation

Intrinsic features of the Dynabeads make them perfectly suited for automation. All beads - both within and between batches - are identical in size, shape, surface properties and iron content. The beads disperse well and sediment slowly, yet move quickly and with an even pull to the magnet. This facilitates rapid target binding, short incubation and separation times. No mixing or stirring is necessary. Dynabeads do not aggregate, ensuring homogenous fluid behavior in automated systems - without any blocking or clogging of pipette tips. Dynabeads are a pipettable solid-phase which handles like a liquid!